TaMara Rose

I AM a Spiritual Bewitching Magickal Wild Chick! I Embody the Spirit of a Goddess and the Soul of several Lifetimes! I AM a Witch, Hoodoo, Root Worker, Conjurer and I own THAT! I AM a bit eccentric and eclectic! I AM a hodgepodge of beautiful imperfection. I AM Authentic, Unapologetic and FREE! I AM my Ancestors Wildest Dream & the Embodiment of The Divine…AND F! THAT! I WILL NOT SHRINK to accommodate anyone or anything. But here’s the think, although I knew who I was I didn’t Know who I was….big difference! But once it had been revealed and I began to See how I had been Chosen, Consecrated and Initiated for this Purpose…oh Ba-bay! My life changed! My Purpose and path become so clear! The embodiment of my Passion became more authentic! And my Spiritual journey to my Remembering began.

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